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English manual Trezor T

Setting up your Trezor model T

Step 1: Installing Trezor Bridge

Start an internet browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) on your computer and go to Select the Trezor T by clicking on it. Afterwards, the website may ask you to confirm whether the seal is still on the Trezor. If this is the case click on 'Continue'. If not, please contact our support team.

Now you can install Trezor Bridge. This is software that helps your computer to communicate with the Trezor. Select your operating system (Windows, MacOS or Linux) and press 'Download the latest Bridge'. Open the downloaded file and go through the installation process. When the process is completed Trezor Bridge will automatically work in the background.

Step 2: Making a connection

Connect the Trezor T to a computer with the included USB cable. Sometimes connecting the cable to the Trezor may take a little push. When the Trezor is connected, the display will turn on automatically. Now go in your browser to

Step 3: Installing firmware

Then the correct firmware needs to be updated. This can be done simply by clicking on the 'Install Firmware' button.

This may take a while. Next you will be asked to disconnect the Trezor. Remove the cable from the device, wait a few seconds and then reconnect the cable.

Step 4: Create Wallet

Now you can create a new wallet. Click on the button 'Create new'.

Your Trezor will now ask for confirmation. Press the green check mark in the touchscreen.

Step 5: Create Backup

A backup is very important. We recommend that you never send coins to the device before you have made a backup. A backup should be made once and should be kept in a safe place. It gives you access to your tokens even if the device breaks down.

Click on 'Create a backup in 3 minutes' on your computer. Once you have read the text you can confirm that you understand how to save the backup. Click on 'Continue'. Then confirm on your Trezor by clicking on 'I understand'.

Your Trezor now shows 12 words. Write these correctly and in the right order on the paper provided. Then press and hold the green button to confirm.

The Trezor will now ask you to re-enter two words to check if they have been written correctly.

Step 6: Choosing a PIN code

When you have written down the two words correctly you go back to your computer screen. Press 'Continue'.

Your Trezor will now ask you if you want to set a PIN code. Press the green check mark. Now you can choose a pincode with which you can log on to the device by typing it twice in a row.

Step 7: Name the device

Go back to your computer screen again and press 'Continue' twice. Enter a name for your device and press 'Confirm to continue'.

Also press the green check mark on the Trezor to confirm your name.

Step 8: Setting the bookmark

To prevent accidentally ending up on a fake website you can save this website in your Bookmarks. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + D. Congratulations! Your Trezor T is now ready to use!

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