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Cypherock X1

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Product Description 

Unveiling the Cypherock X1 Hardware Wallet - Elevate Your Crypto Security Game! 

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, security is paramount. Enter the Cypherock X1 Hardware Wallet, your ultimate guardian for digital assets. Designed with cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, the Cypherock X1 offers you unparalleled peace of mind for managing your cryptocurrencies. 

This cutting-edge hardware wallet boasts an array of exceptional features designed to protect your assets while providing unparalleled convenience. 


Security Redefined: 

  • Military-Grade Safeguard: The Cypherock X1 employs top-tier security mechanisms, incorporating secure chip technology and advanced encryption protocols to create an impervious fortress around your digital riches.¬†
  • Air-Gapped Assurance: Say goodbye to online vulnerabilities! This hardware wallet operates offline, ensuring that your private keys and sensitive data remain completely isolated from the web, thwarting even the most determined hackers.¬†
  • Backup and Recovery Mastery: Accidents happen, but with the Cypherock X1, your crypto assets remain safe. Our robust backup and recovery system ensures you can regain access to your funds in the event of loss or damage, without compromising on security.¬†¬†
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA): For an extra layer of security, the Cypherock X1 offers 2-factor authentication (2FA), ensuring that only you have the keys to your crypto kingdom.¬†

User-Friendly: Organize and control multiple crypto assets effortlessly with our user-friendly interface. Even if you're new to the crypto scene, you'll find it a breeze to manage your investments. The setup process is straightforward, allowing you to start securing your assets within minutes. It's as simple as plug-and-play. 


Swift and Secure Transactions: Thanks to its powerful processor and efficient design, the Cypherock X1 allows for lightning-fast transaction processing. Your crypto moves seamlessly and securely, no matter where you're sending it. 


Which Coins Does the Cypherock X1 Support? 

The Cypherock X1 Hardware Wallet is your universal key to managing a vast array of cryptocurrencies. From Bitcoin and Ethereum to Ripple and Litecoin, we've got you covered.  Simplify your life by keeping all your assets secure in one place. 3000+ assets are supported. 

NFT Support & Defi 

You can interact with NFTs and Defi through Walletconnect. Here is a video tutorial for Defi and here is a video tutorial for NFTs of the same. 


All specifications at a glance:

  • Size: 3x6.4x1.5 cm¬†
  • Weight: 200 gm¬†
  • USB Port: USB-C¬†
  • Screen: type: OLED¬† Size: 0.96"¬†
  • Certifications: CC EAL6+¬†
  • Secure elements: ATECC608A (X1 wallet) , NXP JCOP3 (X1 Card)¬†
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux (current) * and Android, IOS (Future)¬†


When you purchase a Cypherock X1, you will receive:

  • X1 Wallet (1)¬†
  • X1 Cards (4)¬†
  • X1 Card Protector (4)¬†
  • USB Type C Cable (1)¬†
  • Webcam Cover (1)¬†
  • Lanyard (1)¬†


Invest in the Cypherock X1 Hardware Wallet today to experience the pinnacle of crypto security. With its military-grade protection and support for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, managing your digital wealth has never been easier or safer. Your crypto assets deserve the best ‚Äď choose Cypherock X1 and secure your financial future in the world of cryptocurrencies.¬†


Windows, macOS and Linux
Supported coins

Supported coins  

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