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Product description

What's the most robust product in the world? Why, a Nokia 3310, of course! Not only does Foundation's Passport hardware wallet look like that vintage phone, it's also just as reliable.

This wallet has been designed to be minimalistic and elegant, and offers a simple industrial design, which doesn't require a manual to figure out. Important elements like the camera and the microSD slot have been marked with a copper band.

Let's be honest, bitcoin is already complicated enough. So why should a wallet be complicated as well? Passport's large screen and the clear menus offer a refreshingly simple user experience. Unlike other wallets, you don't have to scroll for an eternity on a tiny screen, or to enter a complicated password with just two buttons.

Passport doesn't have USB ports or wireless communication. In order to execute transactions, you scan a QR code. This makes it impossible for independent attackers to communicate with the device.

Batteries are included.

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